I-Venstar Bluetooth Speakers

I-Venstar Bluetooth Speakers Reviewed


I-Venstar sent me two portable Bluetooth speakers to review--the colorful red and black "Taco" (also available in silver and black), and the rugged, waterproof I-Venstar Waterproof Sport model S406. When I first opened the pair of I-Venstar speakers, I was impressed. I had previously looked at the speakers on Amazon, and for Bluetooth speakers in the under $50 range, these looked well made and stylishly packaged. I was also pleased to see that both speakers came with a carabiner--I am a sucker for carabiners! See the rest →

Lynktec 360 Grip Stand

LYNKtec 360 Grip Stand Review


The LYNKtec 360 Grip Stand is a tablet grip and stand which attaches to the back of any tablet with microsuction technology. The grip stand is comfortable to hold and rotates to any position as a stand for portrait and landscape viewing. See the rest →

Gripster Wrap Case and Stand Back View

Gripster Wrap Review


I had known for some time that the Gripster I knew and loved from my iPad 3 days had been redesigned for the iPad Air and renamed the Gripster Wrap. Now, instead of being designed to work with Apple Smart Cover, they had designed it with an integrated cover of its own. I wasn't too thrilled about the addition of a non-removable cover on the Gripster Wrap, but the redesign of the back grip/stand portion intrigued me. See the rest →

RansenScan Main Window

RansenScan Review: Scan Your Photos Fast


Let's face it… scanning is B-O-R-I-N-G! Especially when you have a huge stack of items to scan. And wouldn't most us love to have our years of old snapshot photos preserved in a digital format rather than sitting around in rarely opened albums and shoe boxes? RansenScan software is an inexpensive (US$30) batch scanning utility for Windows that can greatly speed up this process. RansenScan doesn't replace your scanner's default software, but can be used instead of it. RansenScan helps speed up the process of batch scanning multiple documents in several ways. See the rest →

GoSmart Crossover 400 Stylus

GoSmart Crossover 400 Stylus Review


The GoSmart Crossover 400 is a touch-screen stylus and ballpoint pen combo designed for accuracy. The stylus is attractive and well-built, while the see-though wire cross-hair tip provides a great deal of precision. And if you find yourself often switching between a stylus and an ink pen, you'll be happy to know there is one built in. Learn more about the Crossover 400 stylus in this review. See the rest →