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If you are an iOS user who enjoys reading eBooks with auto-scroll, there aren't a lot of apps offering this feature. This review explores Tomes, one of the few auto-scroll reading apps for iOS. I have used Tomes regularly for more than a year, and while it has some quirks and annoying behavior, it's gotten much better with recent updates, and I prefer reading books with Tomes over any non-auto-scroll eReader app. See the rest →

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iShower Wireless Shower Speaker Review

Do you take showers? Do you enjoy listening to music? Have you ever wanted to combine the two? If so, the iShower by iDevices just might be the thing for you! iShower is a water-resistant wireless speaker which works with any Bluetooth-enabled portable such as a smart phone, mp3 player, or tablet. It's also great for other damp environments such as poolside, at the beach, or in the spa. Learn more about the iShower speaker in this detailed review. See the rest →

DIY iPad Volume Booster Project

DIY iPad Speaker Volume Booster (Poor Man’s SoundBender)

If you've got an iPad, you know that the built-in speaker is not very loud. The speaker faces to the rear and slightly to the side of the device so the sound is not aimed directly toward you. I'm going to show you a simple speaker volume booster that works similarly to accessories like SoundBender, SoundJaw and tabAmp, but which is easy to carry with your iPad at all times, won't get lost, and won't take up any extra space. Best of all, you can make it yourself and it will cost next to nothing! See the rest →

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Happy iPhone4s

A Smart Phone Decision: iPhone on Page Plus Cellular

This is a continuation of my dumbphone chronicles which began with my article on why (as a geek) I still have a dumb phone and continued in a dumbphone dilemma. In my last post, I concluded that I was ruling out the iPhone on Page Plus due to the risk and the cost. Well, all that has changed and I am now using an iPhone 4s on Page Plus Cellular and I am thrilled with it! This post will explain the thought process that led me to this decision and tell you how I made it happen. See the rest →