The Oontz Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Oontz and Oontz Angle Bluetooth Portable Speaker Review


Earlier this year, I was in the market for a new portable Bluetooth speaker. My iShower up and died, and my Satechi speaker, though I still like it, began to sound distorted–and it has never had enough volume to use outdoors. The Oontz Angle from Cambridge Soundworks went on sale just in time for my birthday, so I jumped on it. See the rest →

Iced Coffee

Delicious Iced Coffee in 3 Minutes

I'm not real big on kitchen gadgets, but the one kitchen gadget that gets used daily in our house is our AeroPress coffee press. All geeks needs their caffeine fix, and here in the hot Florida humidity, we like to get ours via iced coffee in the morning. Here's how we use the AeroPress to make delicious iced coffee in about 3 minutes. See the rest →