LYNKtec 360 Grip Stand Review


The Winner: LYNKtec 360 Grip Stand

Lynktec 360 Grip Stand

Lynktec 360 Grip Stand will work on most tablets and provides a convenient way to stand your tablet up in either portrait or landscape orientation with unlimited viewing angles.

(Continued from: My Quest for the Ultimate iPad Air Stand)

I didn’t seek out the 360 Grip Stand. I had reviewed other LYNKtec products in the past, and the company offered it to me as another item to review. I knew from the moment I saw it that I was going to love this universal tablet stand if it held up to the claims. After trying and not being entirely satisfied with the RooCase Origami, ZeroChroma Solo, and Native Union Gripster Wrap, I was eager to try this new rotating stand. It improved almost every negative aspect of the ZeroChroma Solo stand that I liked so much.

The 360 Grip Stand isn’t as slim and compact as the ZeroChroma Solo, but as a grip it is so much more comfortable to hold, and as a stand it is more durable, better looking, and easily removable.

The 360 Grip Stand attaches to the back of any tablet with “Microsuction Technology.” This is a very strong non-adhesive material which works somewhat like those sticky pads sold to keep items from sliding around on your vehicle dashboard. I practiced attaching and removing the 360 Grip Stand multiple times when I first got it, and it attaches very securely while remaining easy to remove. I have no qualms about holding my iPad one-handed with this grip and feeling confident that it will not come loose from the back of the iPad. If you frequently remove the Grip Stand you do need to take care to keep the suction pad clean, and a protective cover is provided for that purpose. Cleaning instructions are also included in the package. Myself, I see no reason to remove the stand, once you get it positioned to your liking.

Lynktec 360 Grip Stand

Lynktec 360 Grip Stand attaches with microsuction technology. It’s easy to remove and works with any tablet.


The 360 Grip Stand is constructed of black plastic and aluminum, which looks attractive and feels great in the hand. I’ve only spent about three weeks with this stand, but it appears to be durable and I love the way it matches the iPad aesthetic and doesn’t hide too much of the iPad. No, this grip does not provide drop protection, but that is why I bought an accidental protection warranty for my iPad. (As I learned from previous experience, even a case won’t always protect your device. My iPad 3 screen cracked after being dropped, despite the Gripster case it was in.) I’d personally prefer not to have the added weight of a full body case.

Lynktec 360 Grip Stand Positions

The kickstand on the Lynktec 360 Grip Stand rotates and tilts to any position for portrait and landscape viewing.


As the name implies, the 360 Grip Stand rotates a full 360 degrees and locks into 8 notches along the rotation axis. The kickstand leg tilts freely a full 180 degrees for any viewing angle in either portrait or landscape orientation. The base of the kickstand has a rubber non-slip pad to keep the iPad from sliding or moving as you tap the screen. When folded flat, the stand is about 5/8 inch thick. I’m able to slide my iPad into its sleeve without removing the stand, but as discussed, it can be removed if need be.

The extended kickstand leg is out about 5 1/2 inches long. I almost wish it were 1/2 inch shorter because when folded to the side, that’s how far it extends past the edge of the iPad Air. And it does require a lot of space behind the iPad when propping it up. Of course this stand is compatible with Apple Smart Cover and it’s nice to be able to fold the cover back to use as a base when propping my iPad up on non-flat surfaces such as a pillow or my lap.

Lynktec 360 Grip Stand

The Lynktec 360 Grip Stand has a metal grip with gently rounded edges for comfort. It also looks attractive without hiding the iPad.


My biggest issue with the ZeroChroma Solo stand was that it had sharply pointed edges that made it uncomfortable to use as a hand-held grip. That’s certainly not an issue with the 360 Grip Stand. All edges are smooth and nicely rounded. The kickstand leg has bars going across like a ladder and this allows you to vary your grip when holding a tablet for extended periods. For instance, you can thread your fingers through the holes and sort of let the iPad hang on your fingers rather than gripping it in a fist. These holes in the kickstand leg are also gently rounded so they won’t dig into your fingers. It’s also delightful to be able to pull off the Smart Cover and set it aside when holding the iPad for extended periods.

Lynktec 360 Grip Stand on a Table

The rubber base on the kickstand leg of the 360 Grip Stand keeps it from sliding when you tap the screen.


As thrilled as I am with the 360 Grip Stand, nothing is perfect, so here is my list of pros and cons…


  • Works with any tablet or eReader.
  • Tilts and rotates into any position and viewing angle.
  • Gently rounded edges make it comfortable to hold for long periods.
  • Microsuction pad holds strong while remaining easy to remove and reposition.
  • Works with the Apple iPad Smart Cover.
  • Compliments and doesn’t hide the iPad aesthetic (but does cover the Apple logo).
  • Not overly heavy.
  • Appears well-made.
  • Folds up flat. Tablet can be set on its back without wobbling.
  • Rubber base on kickstand leg keeps tablet from sliding.


  • Kickstand leg is a smidgen longer than I’d like; requires more space behind the tablet.
  • Adds 5/8 inch thickness to the back of the device.
  • Circular metallic logo plate on the back scratches easily.
  • Does not provide drop protection.
  • A wee bit expensive at US$49.99. Would like to see it closer to the $40 mark.

Now none of these cons are going to keep me from enjoying this tablet stand. It really is the best I’ve found so far. As for the price, had I known about it sooner, think of all the money I would have saved on other cases and stands! Still, it’s worth following LYNKtec on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ as they offer coupons and promos from time to time. If you’re ready to end the quest for comfortable tablet use, go get the LYNKtec 360 Grip Stand right now!

Buy LYNKtec 360 Grip Stand

The 360 Grip Stand is not yet available on Amazon, but check out some of LYNKtec’s other products there. I can attest that the TruGlide Pro Precision stylus is another exceptional product.

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  1. Meg Brown says:

    This is a great review and very accurate of the 360 Grip Stand! I’ve been using it for a few months that I bought on and it has come in such handy!

  2. JTravers says:

    Great stand. Unfortunately, it eventually falls off an iPad Pro due to weight. Too bad.

    • Sue says:

      You might try cleaning it according to the cleaning instructions from Lynktec. DO NOT use alcohol! I know a few people where that happened until they cleaned it (but it wasn’t an iPad Pro). Mine has only come off my iPad Air once or twice in 2+ years. Good luck!

      • JTravers says:

        Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve tried that multiple times. Doesn’t work, unfortunately. Looks like Lynktec is finally admitting that the stand doesn’t work with the iPad Pro, too.

        • Sue says:

          Ah, that is good to know. Thanks for the follow up! They are good about returns if it comes to that. Hope you find something that works with your iPad Pro!

          • JTravers says:

            I bought it through Amazon, so returning it wasn’t a problem. Lynktec support seemed pretty responsive, too.

            I ended up getting a Moko hard cover for the back and attaching the good ole ZeroChroma Solo to it, lol. Works fine, but the angle adjustments aren’t as stable as on an iPad Air due to the short length of the stand. And ergonomically the Lynktec stand is MUCH better.

            I read in the Amazon reviews that some people permanently affixed Velcro to their Lynktec stand and to an iPad Pro back cover and that solved their problem. Seems pretty extreme, but I may be going back to that option if the Solo is too bothersome to use long-term. The Lynktec is so much nicer to use, hold, and adjust.

            Of course, I could always get an origami Roocase. Remember those, haha?

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