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Marvin: The Best eBook Reading App for iOS

I am very excited about a new iOS eBook reader app called Marvin that has recently arrived on the scene. Even without auto-scroll, the young app Marvin is already vastly superior to every eBook reading app for iOS that I have tried, which is most of them! Learn more about what's so great about Marvin in this article. See the rest →

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Tomes App Review (iOS)

If you are an iOS user who enjoys reading eBooks with auto-scroll, there aren't a lot of apps offering this feature. This review explores Tomes, one of the few auto-scroll reading apps for iOS. I have used Tomes regularly for more than a year, and while it has some quirks and annoying behavior, it's gotten much better with recent updates, and I prefer reading books with Tomes over any non-auto-scroll eReader app. See the rest →

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Why Are We Still in the Dark Ages of eBooks?

One of the great features of digital books is that they are not restricted to static pages like traditional books. So why is that almost no ebook reading devices or apps take advantage of this freedom and offer an autoscroll reading mode where you don't have to turn pages? See the rest →