iOS is Apple's operating system for mobile devices like the iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone. Here you'll find my articles relating to iOS.

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Marvin: The Best eBook Reading App for iOS

I am very excited about a new iOS eBook reader app called Marvin that has recently arrived on the scene. Even without auto-scroll, the young app Marvin is already vastly superior to every eBook reading app for iOS that I have tried, which is most of them! Learn more about what's so great about Marvin in this article. See the rest →

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uBooks xl App Review (iOS)

uBooks xl is another one of the very few auto-scroll eBook reading apps for iOS. uBooks xl is a universal app, so it works on all iOS devices including the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and iPad mini. This review covers version 2.4.3 of uBooks xl. See the rest →

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iCloud Redeemed?

iCloud Round 2: Outlook Sync Improved in iCloud 2.0

This is a follow up post regarding the issues and problems encountered when syncing Outlook data with iOS using both iCloud and Microsoft Exchange. After a month of trying Microsoft Exchange to sync with iOS, I am back to using iCloud, now that version 2.0 has resolved many of the problems in the first version. See the rest →

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iCloud Fail

Outlook Users: How to Dump iCloud and Sync with Microsoft Instead

If you are an Outlook user who wants to sync your contacts, tasks and calendars with your iOS devices using iCloud, you may have been frustrated with some of its… um, deficiencies. The primary issue is that iCloud moves all your contacts and calendar data into a special iCloud data folder which is not fully compatible with Outlook, resulting in a slew of difficulties. This article will explain how to switch from using the troublesome iCloud to using Microsoft Exchange for syncing Outlook data with iOS. See the rest →

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How To Get iOS Apps for Free

I love trying out different software, and that includes iOS apps for my iPad and iPod touch. The problem is, there are a lot of garbage apps in the iTunes app store, and many developers don't offer a free version so you can try the app before you buy it. Even if it's only a dollar or two, it still hurts to find out you paid for an app that was a dud. For me, this problem is now a thing of the past, because I've found a perfectly legal way to get all my iOS apps for free! I'm going to share how you can get free apps, too. I have two strategies for getting all the apps I want for free, and you can use these same strategies to get free apps for yourself. See the rest →

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