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After 13 years of writing about graphics software for About.com, I created this website as a way to expand and add variety to my writing, to provide another way to connect with my long-time readers, and build new relationships. One result of being a technology writer for so long is that people often look to me for product recommendations and advice, and that aspect of my life will certainly come in to play here on Geek in the Forest. I enjoy talking about products I use and sharing knowledge about what works for me!

A secondary goal of this site is to supplement my income. In other words, I want to make money from this site! The information and knowledge I share with the readers of this website is free, but I receive compensation for it through the advertisements and affiliate links you find displayed here. That said, my ultimate goal will always be that the information and advice I provide here is trustworthy and of value to my readers.

To comply with the December 2009 FTC Ruling for Bloggers, I must disclose any “material connections” between advertisers (the folks with the deep pockets) and endorsers (that’s me!). Therefore, I make the following statements in accordance with the FTC ruling and as a solemn promise to my readers:

  • At times, I may be asked to review product and services and be given access to these product or services in exchange for a possible review. I never promise to publish reviews of these freebies, and I only publish reviews for those items I feel would be of value and interest to the audience here on Geek in the Forest.
  • It doesn’t matter to me that I got it for free, and it shouldn’t matter to you, either. The opinions posted here are my own. My opinions are not influenced by paid advertisers, sponsors, or free gifts. Any company that wishes to have its product reviewed here will be made aware that I will post an honest and unbiased review–whether it be good or bad–and they may not dictate the content or the tone of what is written.
  • Some of the links on this site are affiliate links, which means I get paid a small amount when someone clicks the links and then purchases a product from the target site. I only promote or endorse products with affiliate links when I feel they are relevant to the content, and of value to my readers. These affiliate links may not always be identified.
  • I use a third-party ad network to display contextual advertising alongside the articles on Geek in the Forest. These ads are intended to be targeted and relevant to the content of the page on which they appear, and are chosen based on the subject matter of the page. I make every effort to ensure the ads you see here are relevant, but because this is an automated system, there are times when mistakes do slip through. If you come across an ad on this site that you feel is inappropriate or offensive, let me know (with as much information as possible about the ad and the address [URL] of the page on which it appeared), and I will investigate and take appropriate action.

Thank you, dear readers, for your support, encouragement, and trust!

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