Video: Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB SD Card


So, here you are… my first video blog! I don’t know if I’ll be doing more of these, but if I do I promise to put some make-up on in addition to styling my hair!

Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB SD Card

In this video, I show you my latest gadget, the Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB SD Card with WiFi. I have always wanted one of these, but could never bring myself to pay close to a hundred bucks for one. Last weekend, I caught a “last call” deal on a Woot sale where they were offering refurbished units at about half the price of what I’ve seen them for new, so I jumped on it and got one for me and one for my husband. The video is just a brief introduction.

As you can see from the video, the packaging is just like a new unit despite being a refurb. It does have “refurb” stamped on the UPC code of the package and on the SD card itself. I’ve only been playing with it for a half a day, but it was pretty easy to set up and worked well to automatically send files to my computer. I am still figuring some things out, like how to send JPEGs to my iPad and RAW files to a computer when I shoot RAW+JPEG. I’ll post a follow-up after I’ve spent more time with it, but I have a feeling it is not as flexible as I’d hoped.

The Amazon link to the right is for the Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB version. It is also available in the 4GB Connect and 8GB Mobile versions which are available from the style selector on Amazon. The main feature of the Pro is that it supports RAW files and geotagging. You can look at a comparison chart on the Eye-Fi website.


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  1. Jenn says:

    Great video! I’ve been wondering how these cards work for a while. Do you have to set up another cloud account with the EyeFi people? Or can it connect to existing ones like Dropbox and/or iCloud? I’ve been taking a lot of (very bad – don’t tell Liz) photos on my iPad simply because they are instantly on all my computers so I can then edit and upload them immediately.

    I’ve debated getting Mark an EyeFi style card every year for a few years now. But like you said, the $100+ price tag was daunting. And I didn’t want to be forced to use yet another cloud service.

  2. Betty Prida says:

    Well… I learned something new. But then again I seem to be always learning new things from you! Good job on the video. You looked great too!

  3. Liz says:

    Great first video post Susan!

    Awww, Jenn. Do you really think I didn’t already know about all those iPad photos? ;p

    If I remember right from the Eye Fi wifi I looked at a while back you have to use EyeFi’s service.

  4. Sue says:

    Jenn, I think you do need to create an account with Eye-Fi but you don’t need to use their online storage. (it only keep your pics for 7 days unless you pay them) if you don’t want to. You could set the Eye-Fi Manager to send the photos to a Dropbox folder on your computer, but it doesn’t offer Dropbox as a cloud service to send them directly to the cloud. It supports mainly photo services like Picasweb, Flickr, etc.

    The thing that infuriates me about this is that the software limits you to where you can only use one device destination. So if you want JPEGs going to your iPad and RAW and video files going to your computer, it can’t be set up that way. You can have only JPEGs go the iPad, but then your videos and raw files go… nowhere. Whatever is sent to the iPad can also be passed on to a computer wiuth the iPad as a middleman, but the things that aren’t sent to the iPad stay on the card. And I have not figured out if you can wirelessly transfer them manually somehow. So I have to choose between having everything safely backed up to my server, or the convenience of getting stuff on my iPad. Makes me want to scream.

    Now last night I just discovered that the iPad app Photosmith does its own Eye-Fi transfer to the iPad, so I am going to mess around with that today.

  5. Hey, Sue, are there any others out on the market that are worth looking at? Posted my cheapo clone. 🙂

  6. Also, what about Compact Flash format?

  7. Sue says:

    I came across something called Flucard while I was researching Eye-Fi, but I don’t know much about it. (Unfortunate name.) I haven’t seen anything like this in CompactFlash format.

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