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Hand-e-HolderAfter my failure with the Helo Strap, I moved on to the Hand-e-Holder, which, at the time, was double the cost of the Helo Strap. The Hand-e-Holder has a velcro strap attached to a rotating base, which attaches to the back of the iPad via a very strong interlocking ring, which is similar to velcro, but much stronger. The ring could be stuck directly to the back of the iPad or affixed to a protective shell, if you didn’t want to stick it directly to the iPad. I stuck mine directly to the iPad and had no trouble removing it when the time came. It was also relatively easy to pop the Hand-e-Holder off of and on to my iPad when I wanted to remove it. The hand strap of the Hand-e-Holder was a soft, neoprene material that was much more comfortable than the Helo Strap.


Hand-e-HolderA unique feature of the Hand-e-Holder was that it came with a rectangular acrylic prop that attached to a plastic part of the holder, converting it into a rotating stand. Adding the stand to the Hand-e-Holder was genius and I used mine with the stand attached almost exclusively. Because the stand could be rotated, it could hold the iPad in either portrait or landscape orientation, with two different angles for each orientation, depending on how you turned it. I also found it comfortable to use on my lap or belly, by folding the Smart Cover in half and using it to support the stand. When the acrylic stand did not give me the angle I wanted for my iPad, I also figured out a way to get a few more table-top positions by folding my Smart Cover into a triangular tube, and sliding it into the hand strap of the Hand-e-Holder.


Unfortunately, the Hand-e-Holder added a lot of bulk and weight to the iPad, especially with the acrylic stand attached. Removing the stand involved a bit of grappling, so I just left it on unless I wanted to put my hand into the strap. On more than a few occasions, the acrylic stand broke–once from the stress of the velcro on the notch which attached it to the Hand-e-Holder, and a couple of times from me sitting on it! Hand-e-Holder sent me a replacement stand the first time it broke, I glued it the second time, but after the third time my handy hubby built me an unbreakable stand out of aluminum.

One nice thing about the Hand-e-Holder is that it will work on any tablet. In fact, you only need one Hand-e-Holder to use on multiple devices as long as you purchase extra attachment rings for your other devices. The Hand-e-Holder web site offers several interesting accessories including a leg strap, a stylus holder, several types of stands, a tripod, C-clamps, and an adapter plate for you to mount anywhere.

I liked the Hand-e-Holder a lot, and used it for more than a year, on two different iPads. But I was always bothered by the extra bulk and weight.

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The next stand that caught my attention was the Grablet

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  1. Mary Fairchild says:

    That sure is a lot of holders you’ve tried! I’ve been using the hand-e-holder for most of the two years I’ve had my iPad. It worked well for most situations, except reading before bed. I just received my Gripster yesterday, and so far I’m very happy with it. It feels lightweight and much more compact than the Hand-e-holder, plus so versatile and hassle-free. I got the silver one, but would have purchased the red one had it been available on Amazon. I was afraid to order one online from Bed Bath & Beyond, thinking it might be the S&D Spinpadcase model like your husband’s. By the way, the silver shows fingerprints, too, but not too bad.

    • Sue says:

      BB&B calls it Gripster and shows the Native Union logo, so I’m pretty sure it’s the newer one. They sell it in a darker looking red (Bordeaux) direct from the Native Union site–same price as Amazon, but probably more with shipping added. Hope you continue to like it!

  2. Jacqueline says:

    My long time iPad holder (the only one I’ve ever used) broke a few months ago and I haven’t replaced it yet. Of course I haven’t replaced my iPad yet either. Still using version 1. Just can’t bring myself to spring for new cover or new iPad (although I certainly have a child or two who would love to have my hand-me-downs!).My eldest daughter now has a newer iPhone than mine — and I’m ditching it soon. I’m turning into such a tech dinosaur in just the past few months!

  3. Jennifer says:

    OMG SUE, this Gripster is easily my favorite case. i just got it yesterday (per your advice) and it’s fabulous. I love that I can carry it around by the handle, and it props up to nearly any angle I’ve been able to desire. My son saw it and immediately wanted it for himself. My hands never get tired holding it now, as I can either prop it or hang it from something. Thanks so much for the great advice!

  4. Anne Rubenstein says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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