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This is a continuation of my dumbphone chronicles which began with my article on why (as a geek) I still have had a dumb phone and continued in a dumbphone dilemma. In my last post, I concluded that I was ruling out the iPhone on Page Plus due to the risk and the cost. Well, all that has changed and I am now using an iPhone 4s on Page Plus Cellular and I am thrilled with it! This post will explain the thought process that led me to this decision and tell you how I made it happen.

iCan’t Get it Out of My Head

Happy iPhone4sIn my dumbphone dilemma post, I was considering going to Page Plus with either an Android smartphone, or a “dumb” flip phone plus an iPod touch for PDA capabilities–like I’ve been doing. But the more I researched this, the more I kept coming back to the iPhone.

As much as I would like an Android device to play around with, the idea of using one as my main “carry everywhere” PDA and phone was not appealing. I did not want to deal with changing my whole ecosystem away from iOS. Syncing would become even more complicated by adding yet another OS into the mix. I would also have to re-buy many apps and/or find Android equivalents for many iOS apps I use and am familiar with. And, for the features that were important to me, I didn’t like many of the Android phones that could be used on Page Plus. So the more I looked at the Android option, the less appealing it became.

That brought me back to the idea of carrying two devices. To switch to Page Plus, I would need a new flip phone plus a new iPod touch. (Well, I didn’t need the new iPod touch, but I wanted a better camera than the one on my iPod touch 4th generation.) I initially thought the flip phone plus iPod touch would be cheaper than getting a used iPhone, but after looking on eBay, I found this to be incorrect. The day after iPhone 5 went on sale, I found there were plenty of people selling the iPhone 4s in excellent condition and advertising “clean ESN” on eBay. I started watching the bidding on eBay and most of them were selling for the same as, or less than, a new iPod touch (5th generation) of the same storage capacity.

Next, I started comparing specs of the new iPod touch 5 with the iPhone 4s. They came up pretty even on most specs. iPod touch had the advantage on weight, but this was cancelled out by the fact that I would also need to carry a separate phone. iPhone 4s had the advantage on the camera, and having a better portable camera was my motivating factor behind all this! There was also the new Apple Lightning connector to factor in. If I did get a new iPod touch, many of my old accessories would not work with the new connector. With a used iPhone, my accessories would all be compatible and it would cut down the amount of paraphernalia I’d need to travel with.

So iPhone 4s wins on cost and features, but what about the potential risk of it not being officially allowed on Page Plus? Was it really a risk at all? In my research, I found enough evidence of successful iPhone 4/4s users on Page Plus that I decided it was worth taking a chance. If I could not get an iPhone activated on my own, I still had the option of going through Beigephone, who would activate it on Page Plus for a fee. And if I couldn’t get it activated at all, I would still be getting a device that was better than an iPod touch, and could be used in the same way without phone service. Worst case scenario was that I would still need to carry a separate phone.

Fortunately, it didn’t come to that.

Shopping for a Used iPhone

So, off to eBay I went. I was planning to just watch prices and wait until the new iPhone 5 was in people’s hands before buying a 4s, but I ended up asking a seller some questions on eBay. The seller was very helpful and responsive, but I didn’t bid on his iPhone 4s because I was still planning to wait. I have to admit, when I saw it sell for $350, with only one bid, I was regretting not bidding on it. Similar iPhones were selling for more.

To my surprise, I got a message from the seller after the auction had ended. His bidder was trying to pull some shady stunts and the seller offered to sell me the phone for the same price. After a few more exchanged messages, we came to an agreement. He was able to void the original auction, and set up a “Buy it Now” for me. I got a great price on an iPhone 4s in excellent condition with the caveat that he wouldn’t ship his old phone until after he had his pre-ordered iPhone 5 in hand.

While awaiting delivery of my used iPhone 4s, I had time to do more research on Page Plus. From my reading, it sounded like the best way to ensure a successful activation without paying a dealer’s fee was to do the activation though the request a port page on the Page Plus web site.

Porting My Phone Number to iPhone on Page Plus

When the phone arrived, I was impressed with its condition, and I went about the business of restoring a backup from my iPod touch and syncing all my apps, data, and media. One of the first settings I changed was to disable cellular data. I would be on Wifi most of the time and I would not be using cellular data on my prepaid plan.

iPhone Cellular Off Setting

You can turn cellular data usage off on the iPhone by going to Settings -> General -> Cellular in iOS 6.

Next I went to Page Plus and requested a port following their instructions. A couple of things worth noting: Where Page Plus asks for account number and personal code, that is for your old service provider from which you are switching your number. Where they ask for the ESN, you provide the MEID number from the iPhone settings under General -> About. If you are not porting a number and just want to activate a phone on Page Plus, you can also do it online, but there is a $10 fee.

Per the instructions, I waited three hours before trying to program the phone by calling *22890. This resulted in a message saying the phone could not be activated, so I called customer service to check the status. Hold time was about 20-30 minutes. It turned out I had entered the wrong personal verification code in the online form–Oops! The rep was able to fix that for me and then I had to wait another three hours for the porting to be processed. After the second three-hour wait, I called *22890 from the phone and this time activation was successful. I then followed the rest of the instructions on the porting page to register my iPhone with Page Plus.

I had not purchased any airtime or monthly plan, so Page Plus started me out with $2.00 of credit. That’s it… I was able to make and receive phone calls on my iPhone 4s! I was later able to open an account at the Page Plus website, link it with my phone number, and add $10 of airtime with the Standard plan. Page Plus airtime can also be purchased through sites like callingmart.com, but since there was no discount, I just did it directly through Page Plus.

Page Plus CellularPage Plus Plans

Under the Standard plan, $10 is the minimum amount you can add. This gives you 100 minutes of talk time which does not need to be replenished for 120 days. This is plenty for my minimal cell phone use, and it should save me about $90 per year compared to what I was paying for my previous prepaid plan through Verizon using a cheap flip phone.

When you add more than $10 under the Page Plus Standard plan, the per-minute talk fee is reduced. You can text and use data on the standard plan as well. This is charged at a rate of 5 cents per text and $0.00099 per KB (99 cents per MB) for data use. Although I plan to keep cellular data turned off, it’s nice to know I have the option to use data under the standard plan if I ever need it in an emergency.  Any unused balance is rolled over if you recharge before your expiration date.

If your needs are different, Page Plus offers monthly plans with unlimited talk and text and some data allowance. All in all, it’s a pretty great deal for the excellent Verizon coverage area without Verizon’s high post-paid plans. I’m pretty tickled with my new (used) iPhone and Page Plus!

iPhone on Page Plus Summary

If you’re thinking of going this route, here’s a summary of my recommendations:

  1. Do plenty of research. Howard Forums and their Page Plus iPhone FAQ are great resources.
  2. Make sure you get a phone with a clean ESN. Buy from a credible source like Amazon, Cowboom, or Mobile Karma. If you decide to go through eBay or Craigslist, try to establish communication from the seller before agreeing to buy. Be sure to ask for pictures of the actual item you are buying. Ask if it has a clean ESN if it is not explicitly stated. Or ask for the ESN and check it at http://checkesnfree.com. If the seller is difficult to deal with or uncommunicative, move on.
  3. Try to do your iPhone activation to Page Plus online. If for some reason that doesn’t work, you can use a dealer like Beigephone to activate it.
  4. Keep cellular data turned off on your iPhone under Page Plus. Do this from Settings -> General -> Cellular. Even on the monthly plans, data allowance is small, and you can always turn cellular data on when it is needed. By keeping it off, you won’t inadvertently burn through your data allotment or balance.
  5. Take good care of your iPhone–even if it’s used. Apple products hold their value well if cared for. If Page Plus ever does enforce a “no iPhones” rule and kick them off the service, you can probably re-sell it for a good price.

Now I’m waiting for my Lifeproof case to be delivered. Check back for a review on that coming soon!

Update: Q&A from my Inbox: iPhone 5, 5s, or 5c on PagePlus


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  1. Sue says:

    This is to answer a question I received by email. If you intend to do this, you do NOT need to buy an “unlocked” iPhone. And it doesn’t need to be “jailbroken” either. These usually sell a little higher on eBay. As long as it is a Verizon iPhone 4 or 4s with a clean ESN, it should work. I don’t know about older models, but I know the iPhone 5 can’t be used with Page Plus because they only support 3G phones at this time.

  2. Gina says:

    I will be trying this with the Verizon 4s I just got. Thanks for the walkthrough!

  3. mappingsupport says:

    Sue – I owe you one! I just have a dumbphone on a Consumer Cellular $10/month plan. There are no minutes. Each minute is $0.25.

    I’m a software developer working with the Google map API. Since I write browser apps (not native apps) the code lives “in the cloud” on my server. Each time someone starts an app my server log collects a little info. As a result I know that usage of my apps by iPhones is waaaaay more than the usage by all other phones added together. It is not even remotely close.

    One of my apps is Gmap4 which is an enhanced Google map viewer. The latest beta version includes a feature to make this browser app work more like a dedicated GPS. Since I want to expand that GPS feature set, I need a smartphone to help test and debug the code. And based on the types of phones my user base has, it is a no-brainer that I need an iPhone.

    Your writeup was exactly the info I needed. Now I’m shopping for a used/refurb iPhone 4S and will get a PagePlus plan.

    Finally, here is a Gmap4 link showing a high resolution topographic map for a random spot in the Ocala NF. Hey, Florida has hills! Who knew?!


    • Sue says:

      Very cool, Joseph! Yes, we have a few hills in FL. We call them “sand dunes.” 😉 I will bookmark your mapping service… looks handy!

      • Joseph says:

        Here is the rest of my story in case it helps anyone.

        When I tried to port my number from Consumer Cellular the port simply did not work. The Page Plus staff did not know why it was not working.

        Eventually I learned two key things:

        1. Consumer Cellular was using the last 4 digits of my SS# as a pin code.
        2. I had to call and tell Consumer Cellular to close my account BEFORE doing the port.

        Closing my CC account somehow freed up my phone number so it could be ported.

        Also when I gave Page Plus staff the MEID# for my iPhone 4s, sometimes they thought that MEID was for a 4G phone. I had to assure them that I had a 3G phone.

        Everything is now setup and works great. In fact I recently bought a second used iPhone 4s for my wife. Setting this one up with Page Plus should be a breeze.

        Thanks again for going first and helping the rest of us Sue.

  4. Ken says:

    I gave this a go. Their port page threw a “forbidden device” error. I called them about it aNd they said they don’t allow iPhones :(. Undaunted, I went through beigephone who have so far proven incapable of porting a number, though I now have an unwanted page plus number on my iPhone and neither company’s support will help.

    • Sue says:

      Hi Ken. Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m sorry it didn’t work out better for you. Which model of iPhone were you trying to port? I hope beigephone comes through for you. Let us know how it turns out.

      • Ken says:

        It’s in iPhone4, so it should have been a slam-dunk. It just turned out to be a YMMV situation.

        I do appreciate your article as it was the final impetus for me to ditch my expensive contract. Thanks for writing it up!

    • frank says:

      Hello Ken,

      My name is frank and I am a beigephone rep. I am sorry to hear about the problem you had porting your number. The only instance we are not able to port a number is if the account info is wrong or if the current carrier refuses to release the number because of an outstanding balance (some carriers do that).

      I am not familiar with your exact case but please email [email protected] your order number and I will look into that for you. Thanks.

      • Ken says:

        Hi Frank,

        I emailed you after you left this comment – now a week ago – and you didn’t respond. I don’t think beigepone had technical difficulty porting the number, the technicians just declined to port it. Repeatedly. It was order #7076 in case you decide to do the right thing via a refund.

  5. john says:

    my iphone got activated, but halfway through it asking for the pin# when I was placing the call, I get some kind of recording about a default switch and then it hangs up on me??

  6. john says:

    oops, I get a recording every time “This Call cannot be completed as dialed”, no matter which one number I dial. Recording comes halfway through it asking about my 4 digit code

  7. john says:

    Got it to work!!!! It was a bit of a wait for customer service. The voice and text are good. I’ll report back on the data 🙂

  8. Shannon G says:

    Thanks for this: “Where Page Plus asks for account number and personal code, that is for your old service provider from which you are switching your number. Where they ask for the ESN, you provide the MEID number from the iPhone settings under General -> About. ” I’ve been looking at howardforums & pageplus for hours trying to figure out which they want there!

  9. Alan says:

    Sounds like it’s a good idea to get any iPhone 4s sim-unlocked before activating it on PagePlus:

    • JimInBoulder says:

      I’ve bought a Verizon iPhone 4s through eBay. I’m currently an AT&T iPhone 4 user whose contract with them just expired (finally, I don’t have reliable cell service at my own house with them.)

      It sounds like if I want to unlock the GSM SIM of this phone I’ll need to first start service with Verizon for 60 days before switching to PagePlus. Is this a correct interpretation of the Macrumors forum?

      • Tamara says:

        sorry this is very late but I do have an answer for you based on a bunch of research of reliable sites. The answer to your question is no–in order to activate an iphone on Page Plus, you must have a Verizon iphone. You cannot start with an AT&T iphone. If you want to unlock the SIM of a verizon iphone “for international use” then you can do that by having a good-standing Verizon account for 60 days, but it will only unlock the GSM for international use, not for domestic use. I did read, however, that AT&T has a policy of unlocking their phones once the contract of a customer has expired. You can see more info here: https://www.att.com/deviceunlock/client/en_US/termsAndCondition so maybe that will help you!

  10. christiana says:

    Does anyone know if I can still connect an iphone4s to page plus if I already have a page plus account?

    • Sue says:

      Good question that I do not know the answer to. I noticed there is an online form to add a phone in the “my account” section. It does ask for the phone make and model, but those are not required fields. Wish I could be more help, but let us know what you learn…

  11. Christie R. says:

    After much research as suggested, I, too, have activated an iphone on Page Plus and love it! Only one problem: my phone tells me when I have a missed call but is not alerting me when I receive a voicemail. Is there a fix to this?

    • Sue says:

      Hi Christie,

      Glad you are enjoying it! You probably still need to set up your voicemail.

      • Christie R. says:

        My voicemail is setup. I can call in and retrieve my messages with no problem. I am just not told I have received a voicemail, so I never know to check it! My daughter has the same phone and it gives her voicemail alerts, so I know it should be working! I ported my number from Verizon and am starting to wonder if that has anything to do with it.

  12. Christie says:

    I bought my iPhone 4 from a friend in July 2012. We constantly called and there was no trouble whatsoever. But, I have found that since I’m on Page Plus now (my friend was on Verizon), the call quality is horrible. I figured it was just on my end, but while I was on the phone with my mother today, she told me she realized the call quality was considerably worse since I switched. Happened to anyone else?

  13. Norma says:

    Two nights ago I was sitting with my dumb phone while surfing the wireless on my iPod and wondered: How much are people actually paying for iphones vs my verizon prepaid? After I coughed on the water I was drinking (YOU PAY WHAT!? MONTHLY!?) I thought there has to be an alternative for people like me in rural areas that only get verizon. A few minutes later I stumbled on this page. Yesterday I put an offer in on a local iphone 4 and tomorrow I go to meet someone who just upgraded to a 5 and maybe buy it. Thank you so so so so so much for documenting this. I’ve been carrying two devices for nearly 3 years now and am soooo excited about carrying one. 🙂

  14. Brad says:

    Hello Sue,

    Great article! Does it matter which carrier the iPhone’s we buy come from? I’ve seen people requesting phones from only Verizon, or NO Sprint.. Could you see that playing a role in this changeover in any way?


  15. Miranda says:

    Brad, if you buy a Sprint Iphone, it wont work with PagePlus. Only Verizon phones work with PagePlus so if you wanna join PP make sure you buy a Verizon phone. You see, Page Plus piggy backs on Verizons towers. So if you buy a Sprint or At&t phone, and you join Page Plus (Verizon towers) those phones won’t be compatible. The same thing goes for Straight Talk. If you were to join Straight Talk, you would need an At&t phone, since ST piggy backs on At&t.

  16. DealerTom says:

    I’d like to get this for my girlfriend as her current ‘dumbphone’ is unbearable and Verizon is pretty good around this area. My question is – if the data plan is turned off on the phone, can we still use wifi to surf on the net through the iphone?

  17. JimInBoulder says:

    I just signed up with PagePlus using Kitty Wireless as a go-between. It went very smoothly. Thanks for the article.

  18. Steve says:

    Anybody know if Verizon Iphone 5 can be used for Page Plus ?

  19. Kimi Wei says:

    Sue, this is a helpful article. I’m curious, though. What do you use your iPhone for on the Cellularplus network, and what plan do you have? I couldn’t understand that. Also, how much do you pay a month? Must you have a Verizon compatible iPhone to connect with Cellularplus? Do you know which Android models will work?

    • Sue says:

      Hi Kimi. I use my iPhone for occasional voice calls and texting as well as PDA and media player functions. I use the Page Plus “standard” plan–pay as you go–where you buy airtime and your balance is deducted as you use it. I buy $10 at a time and the balance expires after 120 days if I don’t add more airtime. So I don’t have a monthly plan with PP, I just add $10 every 120 days or as needed. Unless I am going to be traveling, this is all I need. And yes, it must be a Verizon compatible phone. As far as I know, any postpaid 3G Verizon phone with clean ESN will work on PP.

  20. Norma says:

    I posted in December about trying to buy a phone… but it fell through. Maybe thankfully. The woman I was suppose to meet was skittish and had a deadline to get rid of it (!?) so I’m wondering if there was something illegal about it.

    Then yesterday my husband called from work to say a co-worker had gone to the 5 and wanted to offer me his 4. We bought it and I set up page plus on it today! Thanks sooooo much! It has better sound quality than my prepaid V phone.

    Couple of notes: I filled out the request to move my phone number online, waited the three hours, called and it wouldn’t activate the phone. Customer service took about the same amount of time as you, 30 minutes on wait, before they told me a request hadn’t been sent. Which is weird. I’m fairly tech savvy. I usually know how to fill out a request form. So instead we did it over the phone.

    If you are coming from V***zon prepaid note that your account number is your phone number. And your pin is most likely the last 4 digits of your phone number. I told her I had no idea what my account number was so we tried my phone number and it worked!

    I had a V***zon online account I used to make payments to my prepaid phone and about 20 minutes after completing the call with page plus I received an email that I’d been deactivated from the website. I thought, “Surely it can’t have happened yet, right?” but I called the activation number and it worked! I now have a phone for *much less* a month. 😀 I’m so happy! It would have been faster just to call and set up the transfer and have it done then to wait after filling out the online form!

    Thank you again. I’m thrilled to know I have data I can use when we travel across the US to visit family (my prepaid phone before had a terrible tiny screen so the maps interface was useless) and a phone big enough to make it easy to keep up with and use across my wifi! I too was using a mostly dumb phone and an ipod.

    Thanks so much!!!!

  21. Joseph says:

    A few weeks ago I bought a used iPhone 4s, read Sue’s blog and ported my existing number to PagePlus (PP). Since I only wanted to use the device (1) via wi-fi at home and (2) for a small amount of voice calls, I bought a $10 prepaid “standard” plan from PP. I assumed that my account would only be drawn down when I made voice calls.

    Ding. Ding. Bad assumption alert!

    Even though (1) I only had a $10 prepaid “standard” plan and (2) I went through all the phone’s settings and turned off anything related to cell usage, it turns out that my phone still used data via the cell towers.

    PP debited my account $0.99 per 8 MB for this data usage and my $10 credit was quickly drained.

    This is *not* the fault of PP so don’t call them to complain. To check your own data usage you can log on to your PP account and look at the “call record”.

    My iPhone has the latest iOS which is version 6.0.1. There is chatter in the tech community about people suddenly experiencing a much higher amount of data usage after upgrading to that iOS version even though their phone habits did not change. This phenomenon is not limited to PP users. See:

    Now a bit of better news. Since I (1) have a PP “standard” plan and not a “monthly” plan and (2) do not want to use any data via the cell towers, PP can do something at their end to disable both cell data and picture messaging for my phone. I spoke with a PP rep today who took care of that for me. I will be monitoring my PP “call record” to see if cell data is really turned off.

    Finally, here is a highly informative thread from a PP reseller:

    • Sue says:

      Hi Joseph,

      This is interesting–thanks for sharing, and sorry your balance got drained so quickly. I have not had unexpected data usage on the standard plan. I’ve only ever turned cell data on once to test it. It worked as expected and there has not been any additional usage since I turned off again. But it’s good to warn people that it can happen, and to know there is the option to disable it for your account if it becomes a problem. I personally like having the option to enable it if I need it in case of an emergency. It’s also a good idea to check your usage regularly on the PP website. I like that they give you such detailed usage reports. I never got such informative usage information on Verizon’s prepaid.

    • Tamara says:

      awesome post; I’m so glad you wrote this. This will help a lot of people!!

  22. Steve says:

    I have had Page Plus for years and love it but my Motorola Razr was falling apart. I did some research on setting up an iPhone, and your post was by FAR the easiest to understand and the most helpful. I’ve had mt Page Plus iPhone for a few days now and love it. THANK YOU!!!

  23. Steve says:

    One other thing. While I was on hold with Page Plus, there was a recording about an $80 a year PP plan for 2000 minutes. That’s $6.67 a month vs a minimum of $2.50 a month for the $10 plan, but you do get 2.67 times as many minutes per dollar spent. Apparently you can ONLY get this at a Page Plus dealer, NOT online.

    • Sue says:

      Yes, callingmart.com sells the $80/one year refills, and they have promo codes throughout the year for discounts so it ends up being even cheaper if you can wait for a discount code. I recently used them for refills for my husband and I and they immediately email your PIN number(s) which you can apply to your account at the PP website or by dialing #737. You can sign up on the site for the promo emails or follow them on Facebook.

      • Brad says:

        Sue, how would one hear about a promo code from somewhere like callingmart.com? I can definitely hold off on buying the card if you tell me I can get it cheaper later, but I certainly don’t want to miss out on the savings.

  24. Zad says:

    With this iPhone that you can get to work with PagePlus, can you switch to your own wifi or some local wifi network and not be counted for data usage?

  25. Mike says:

    PP customer care keeps telling me that my 4S uses 4G and tells me to contact my dealer…

  26. Zad says:

    I’ve heard from a few people Page Plus has made some extra preventative measures to put an end to iPhone users on their network. Can anyone here confirm if they’ve been able to activate an iPhone on Pageplus after January 01, 2013?

    • Norma says:

      Mine was activated around the 4th. I can’t remember exactly when.

      • Zad says:

        Thanks. Mind if I ask how much everyone here has been able to get their iPhone 4s with clean esn off the market nowadays? I’m trying to get the best deal to get one for my fiance.

        • Norma says:

          Mine is actually an iPhone 4. That might make a difference. And we put the word out, my husband had a coworker who was getting a 5 over the weekend and let him know I wanted a 4. I got an otter box, tuner for car radio, cable to hook to a TV, two charging cords and a belt clip for 160. And my iPhone 4 is a 32.

    • Jess says:

      Confirm! I did it….. 5/14/13. Verizon iPhone 4 =)

  27. Tamara says:

    Okay, I too took the plunge! It was an interesting experience trying to get my iPhone 4S activated. First, I called the Page Plus customer service and pressed the button for “activations.” Here, the rep asked me for my Verizon account number, passcode, phone number, and the MEID of my new iphone. She put through a “port” of my old phone number without any questions or comments (whew!). She said to wait 1-3 hours for my Verizon phone to stop working in terms of completing calls, then call back to do the programming. When I called back, the second rep gave me a hard time about the iPhone. She said that they do not support iPhones and do I have a different phone I would like to activate. I begged her nicely, asking if we can just try it at my own risk. She put me on hold and then came back to go through the process with me. We dialed all kinds of numbers, basically following the steps here: http://pageplusdealer.com/PagePlus/catalog/ActivationInstructions.php She tried many, many codes with me, and nothing resulted in having the ability to complete a phone call to my hubby, even though the recording said “your programming has been successful.” Ultimately, after a whole lot of trying, she said something like “I told you so” regarding the iphone, and asked if there was any other phone I’d like to activate. Of course I declined. Ultimately, I was able to find a local Page Plus dealer who was pretty sharp and did not care about the iphone rules. He was able to do a live chat with Page Plus, and asked for a reset from them (which took him a couple tries because the first page plus rep did not know what he was talking about). After that, the programming worked. So ultimately, I was able to activate this thing and keep my old phone number, but it sure took a lot of time and effort! Best of all, though, it did not cost me anything. (I think I got lucky though–most of the dealers charge at least $25 for this service). I hope this helps someone!

    • Sue says:

      Thanks for telling us your experience with PP activation. Glad you were able to get it done without a fee, but sorry it was such a hassle. It’s funny how everyone seems to have a slightly different experience.

    • Jessie says:

      I had the exact same problem as you. Except I was not aware that there were external PP dealers who could activate an iPhone. How/where did you find one?

  28. Deb says:

    I am interested in the switching to PP. I know the network will work for my situation; however I currently do not have a V..zon phone or account, instead another contract carrier. I wish to acquire an iPhone but use my current phone number. What kind of problems would I have if trying to get an iPhone on PP?

    • Sue says:

      I don’t think it matters what carrier you are porting your number FROM… you just need to have a clean ESN from a Verizon post-paid phone to port it TO. As far as what to expect… just read through this article and all the comments/links. As you can see, some people have had very different experiences, so there is still some risk to it.

  29. I was looking for how to use a Iphone4 prepaid.,..and I came across this….you are a life saver there is so much wrong info out there about this its a shame. It was easy as 123 by following your exact instructions I went to the paged plus site ported my number for free 🙂 put my meid/esn and within a few hours it was done… I was able to make and receive calls and I even tried data and it worked…
    so happy going to upgrade to the $65.95 plan today :)… also no need to unlock jailbreak or any of that stuff simple ota programing *22890 and you are done….

  30. Heather vrekke says:

    I just purchased an iPhone 4 and tried to activate it on page plus – they refused. They also said they have cancelled their account with sites like beigephone because they are breaking the rules. They also warned that verizion monitors their site and disables any iPhones they find. So beware. I was really excited, but now have an unworking iPhone on my hands.

    • Me says:

      Heather, try again. Some reps will do it without issue, others follow the rules. 😉 The rumour is that Verizon has threatened to make a sweep, but from reading various online forums I have not come across any mention of it ever actually happening. However, PP iphone users should be aware that if it does happen, the iPhone will not only lose mobile service, but it is probable that remaining credits and phone number will be lost.
      The new Verizon seller on the block is talkforgood.com which does officially support iPhones. Plans are different, but may be better for people who are light users, and no fear of iPhone ban. 😉

      • Graham says:

        Thanks adding TalkForGood to your discussion. TalkForGood uses the VZ postpaid network, same network as VZ retail. Coverage is definitely more extensive than on to the prepaid network.

  31. vj says:

    Thank you. I read your post before making used iPhone purchase and it is successfully activated on PP now. I have been with PP for last 8 months with two Android phones ($30 and $12 plan), pretty happy.

    BTW, you can buy plan or minutes from http://www.pinzoo.com to get 1 point for every $ spent, that can be applied for 1cent/point discount on future purchases! Which isn’t much, but still a saving. Pinzoo also accepts PayPal payment and I have my CC linked there. So I do get few CC reward points! Everybody is happy (Verizon -> PagePlus -> Pinzoo -> PayPal -> CC company -> me/consumer) or making little bit of my purchase.

  32. Steve says:

    I activated my iPhone 4 (not 4s) on 1/3/13 and the rep I dealt with at Page Plus knew for certain it was an iPhone, since he was guiding me over the phone as to what button to push, etc. He did not mention it by name but said, “OK, on that phone, you would need to…” Frankly, he was the best Page Plus rep I’ve ever dealt with, so maybe I just got lucky. I called PP back maybe a week later and asked them to disable the cellular data as well (because of what Joseph mentioned), again, no problems. I bought my remanufactured 16GB iPhone 4 with clean ESN from Gottagetaphone.com – $260, and that was probably a bit on the high side, but I hate taking chances on this sort of thing – I’ve ALWAYS had luck with reman-ed Apple stuff. It’s been over three weeks and I couldn’t be happier with this decision. And, Sue, thanks for the tip on callingmart!

  33. Hello Sue, and thanks for all the great information. I do have a question. If you have turned off data does that mean you cannot use Apple Map’s or Siri while away from wifi?

    I have having a hard time deciding between Talk for Good and Pageplus….

    Thanks in advance!

  34. tl says:

    I also bought a iPhone 4 from Amazon, and I am now using it on the page plus network, Yes. I did have to add money
    to my account for the added data. 250 megs is good for a few days. I use wifi now ,and limit my data use to a few items each morning.
    go pp.

  35. Michael says:

    Does anyone know any pageplus dealers in Atlanta?

  36. Tim says:

    I just wanted to say, I wanted to go to PP for a long time. My whole family was VZW iPhone users and we were all tired of paying the expensive contract prices. When contract was up I decided to take the plunge to PP to save some money but I wanted to keep my iPhone. I did the research and got very conflicting info about moving the iPhone over. Most of the forums and people saying no it can’t be done was from 2011. I came across your post here and decided to go for it, I figured it’s 2013 maybe the rules have changed. I went to the PP website and ported my VZW number and iPhone over. I had no problems at all, it ported immediately and my iPhone was activated and programmed within 2 mins. I was ecstatic, I told the rest of my family and now we all are on PP with our iPhones with no problem at all. It’s only been a month since I moved over but the service is excellent and none of us have had any problems. I personally believe that the Rumors out there about iPhones not being allowed are just scare tactics and since most prepaid providers these days (like virgin mobile and straighttalk) are offering iPhones its not going to be a problem. So all in all I just want to say Thank You for helping me make my choice, I couldn’t be happier.

  37. Michael says:

    Hello Sue, and thanks for all the great information. I do have a question. If I have a clean esn verizon iphone with no service am I suppose to call page plus from another phone to activate it?

  38. iPhone5 says:

    I have recently activated my cricket iPhone5 into PP. I took help from kittywireless to port my number. They are very professional and fast. After porting has been successful I just dial *22801 to activate the phone into PP.

  39. RR says:

    I just got off the phone from the PagePlus representative named Honey. According to her Iphone is not allowed to be ported to Page Plus and Even if she tries, it won’t port. This is as of February 14th of 2013. Can anyone verify this claim assuming the porting was done after Feb 2013? Thanks

    • GDC says:

      Try talkforgood.com – another Verizon MVNO. Pretty sure you can bring your iPhone there without a problem.

    • KM says:

      I have not but was about to buy an iphone 4 or 4s. Thanks for the heads up.
      BTW for those that have either the 4 or 4s what is the difference? I realize I get siri with the 4s but it the 4s really any better?

      • Graham says:

        Not a huge difference between iphone 4 & 4S. For must people, siri is fun for a little while and then never gets used. There are more VR apps on the way, so in the next 6-18months siri will get more action.

        4S is faster w/ better camera. check swappa.com for good used devices

      • Sue says:

        The 4s has a better camera and faster processor, I think. Also, as new versions of iOS are released, they drop support for the older models of phones in the new iOS releases. They will likely drop support for iPhone 4 earlier than 4s. If you expect to keep you phone for a long time, it might be worth going with the newer model.

      • Andy says:

        It’s more expensive 🙂 and the battery should be newer than the S!

    • RR says:

      This is RR again. I was able to activate the device through PP website. Within 45 mins i was using PP service on my iphone 4.

  40. John says:

    I just activated my iPhone 4 today, March 6, 2013, with Page Plus online, and add $10 Standard PIN for 120 days! I submitted last night, and got a text message of successful activation this morning about 12PM. I called *22890 sometimes to check status. My iPhone 4 is purchased from Karma Mobile, it is a Verizon used one.

  41. Danielle says:

    Hi, I recently purchased a Verizon Iphone 4, the phone has a clean esn (the person I bought it off of just upgraded to the iphone 5). I went to activate it with page plus, by calling their 1-800 number. I did not mention to the lady that it was an iphone, simply because she didn’t ask. She activated the phone & it worked fine. About a week in, I had seen a post on a local website that a lady was trying to activate her iphone 4 on page plus and was told by the customer service rep. that they do not activate iphones, I was stunned, because less than a week ago I had activated mine, without being told anything like that. Anyway, I kept watching the post and a person that has a page plus dealers license posted and said that if you call them and activate it, it will work, but that page plus will do a “sweep” in about 3 months, and they will deactivate you if you are using an iphone that has not been activated through a dealer.. Does this make sense to anyone? The dealer said that page plus could not activate them, because in their contract with verizon it states that they will not activate iphones, but the contract does not say that a dealer will not activate an iphone.. so they found a way around it. I just wanted to see if anyone else had experienced this? Has anyone been kicked off page plus for using an iphone they just activated through them and not a dealer? I did get on page plus chat after learning about this and ask them if I could activate an iphone 4, and they said no. They could not.

    • Timothy says:


      I have been using my Verizon iPhone 4 with PP for well over 3 months, I have had family using theirs that long too. We all went through PP directly and not through a dealer. I believe the bottom line with the dealers saying this is that they want the money for “flashing” your iPhone 4 when in reality you don’t have to have a Verizon iPhone with a clean esn “flashed” to work with PP. I am always skeptical about dealers because a lot of them are shady, which is why I researched everything before I activated mine and went directly to PP themselves. In all honesty you can talk to 10 different PP customer service reps and get 10 different answers about having an iPhone on PP. I personally believe that if they were truly banned from PP there wouldn’t be a way to activate them directly with PP in the first place. Hope this helps ease some of your worry. If it is up and going and you aren’t having any problems I believe the chances are slim to none that you will get deactivated! On a side note in all my research and all the people I talked to before activating my iPhone, I have not come across ANYONE who has been deactivated for having a iPhone on the network.

    • Sue says:

      I have read countless reports saying this could happen and would happen, yet I have not found one report from someone saying it actually did happen to them. So I would not worry about it and enjoy your iPhone. Also, now that there are several options for prepaid iPhones (TalkforGood, Straight Talk), I would not be surprised if PagePlus opens up about allowing iPhones in the near future.

  42. Jimmy says:

    Hi. I activated my used Vzn IPhone 4 on TalkForGood the other Vrzn reseller. The process was easy and the customer service reps were very helpful.

  43. Johan says:

    I activated Verizon iPhone 4S on PagePlus with no issue. But the MMS and the data plan does not work. I got advised to jailbreak it so I did that and looked at the APN setting. But so far, there is no APN setting that can make the data plan works. Anyone knows what is the correct APN setting? or why the data does not work? Thank you.

    • Robert says:

      Since you are using a non authorized and non supported device with Page Plus the Data and MMS sometimes does not work. There are 2 things you can do to try to fix this.
      1) Call Page Plus and ask them to reset your Data settings.–sometimes the issue.
      2) Put an authorized device on the system by adding the MEID number and do a call, then move back to the phone you want to use normally.–Most often fixes the issue.

      My suggestion is do a double by changing phones and calling Page Plus to reset data. Then making a call from the authorized phone. You do have to get the call connected so if you call yourself be sure to answer it. Then change MEID numbers. Should work.

  44. dinarik says:

    Sue — thank you for this article! It was enormously, enormously helpful. I have just managed to successfully switch to PagePlus with my iphone 4S (coming from Verizon — I did this today, March 15th). I started the process by filling out the porting form online — the next day, I asked a service rep for an update via chat, and they said the account number was incorrect. (I had put in my phone number — I was able to find the actual account number on my Verizon account, in the online monthly statement). So I tried it again, and again reached out to a service rep the next day — they said the number had been incorrect. I gave it to them via chat and it worked. The rep told me that I needed to get the device re-programmed, as I have a 4G device. When I pointed out that my device is not 4G, he said that ‘it’s a 9900 IMEI, which means the OTA codes do not work on it’, and added that they don’t support iphones.

    Well, I tried dialing a number — I got the ‘welcome to pre-paid account’ message. Next I dialed the code above (*22890), and was able to successfully activate the phone, and then finish the registration online (via add/edit a phone). I now have the 12 plan set up, and bought $10 of data to top that off, as my 12 plans appears to only start tomorrow. Interestingly enough, when I talked to a service rep via chat about how the refills work, she told me ‘ If you go over any minutes, texts, or data on your plan, that feature will no longer work unless you have a cash balance on the account.’ — this implies that you can’t go over your limit. You’ll get services shut off if you overuse data, for example, rather than getting an exorbitant bill.

    I’ll try to provide an update on how service is working — I’ll admit, the $210 cancellation fee I have to pay Verizon is definitely painful. But, I’m going from an $80/month contract plan (minimum you can have for an iphone with a contract) to a $12/month plan that I can cancel at any point. I’ll definitely be ahead in just a few months. I really love that I am rid of the over-priced contract I had before. I checked my past usage on verizon, and I fit fairly comfortably into the 12-plan (250 min, 250 texts). Not having data will be interesting, but I’m sure the growing availability of wifi will make it less painful. 🙂

  45. Juli says:

    I am considering buying a verizon iphone 4S for my son and would be interested in opening a Page Plus account. We would NOT be porting over a number, but receiving a new number. Would that be a problem?

  46. Andy says:

    Hi Sue,
    I went through all the steps of getting the iphone4 and it works as long as Verizon’s signal is 3 or more bars. I turned off the data.
    Let’s see how long 100 minutes will last in the 4 month $10 plan! One thing, I’d like to tell people looking for a used iphone 4 verizon phone. There is no way of telling how good the battery on a used iphone4 is. I looked it over, tested the wifi, checked to make sure the ESN number was the one he emailed me. Checked for cracks, dents and so on, but the worn battery will not show up until you use the phone. Apple will charge 79.99 for a replacement. I checked meritline.com has a replacement battery kit for the iphone4 for $10, but do I want to try and take the iphone apart – NO WAY! My other solution was to get a battery backup iphone4 cover for $19. We will see how that works out? I’m not sure how to keep track of the minutes used on the iphone4, since it is a pagepluscellular plan on a verizon network. Looking around the iphone4 price range was 150 – 220. Iphone4s was 300 – 450.
    Good Luck, save money!

  47. kyle says:

    If I purchase an iphone 4s from an ebay seller, will they include a sim card? If not, will I need to purchase one before activation on page plus or will the ipone 4s work w/out a sim card?

  48. Deb B says:

    Hello, Sue in the Forest 🙂
    Was perusing your incredibly thorough and stress-reducing post. That’s gold right there for me.
    I am encouraged as a current and very happy PPC user – nearly 2 years now with a non-iPhone (from VZN) – to switch/upgrade to aftermarket 4s. However, since I’m not porting anything and just want to switch devices, do you anticipate a hassle? I’ve been on the 12-plan, and my daughter will be on the $80/yr plan. Since I will have to buy 2 iPhones, I want to be sure this will work. If it’s iffy, I may just buy their smartphones. I’m so not a tech person. I know Christiana up there in the thread asked a similar question, but she hasn’t come back to report her findings. Do you know any more about this??

  49. Sue says:

    Hi Deb,

    I really have no idea! You would think it would be easier since you are just switching phones and not porting or becoming a new customer. Maybe you could call PP and ask what is involved with switching phones? I leave it up to you whether to say anything about it being an iPhone. It appears you can change your phone through the PP website, but I have never done it so I could not tell you what is involved or required. If you’re willing to take a chance, you could always do one iPhone before buying two of them. If it doesn’t work (which I doubt) you will likely be able to resell it.

    • Deb B says:

      Well, I just called (anonymously so as not to flag my account), and it’s the same company line: they don’t do it ‘officially’ and it makes no difference whether it’s a new line/ported number, or a new device on existing service. He claims VZN has clamped down, and CS cannot perform this, and they sweep online activations, but did concede that dealers and other 3rd parties bypass their policy successfully. So no news there. Not sure if I’m willing to roll the dice with CS/online at activation time, or even buying a 4s at this time. Do I back off easily? Maybe. Thanks for getting back to me… I will forward any updates.

  50. Bill says:

    Hi Sue, I’ve looked at PP for awhile now. Being able to use an iphone on PP instead of one of the older android phones that uses the pre-Android 4 OS makes a big difference. Now my remaining concern is the 250 MB data with the $29.99/mo plan. I’d get two – one for me and one for my wife. That plan gives plenty of talk time, and we’re fine using wi-fi when we’re at home or in a starbucks or somewhere like that. But I don’t want to have to sacrifice getting good usage of GPS including traffic info, and also don’t want to have to be obsessive about managing if my wireless is turned off or not. Good phone service is a high priority, so turning off the cell and not being able to receive phone calls when they come in would be a big downside for us. We don’t plan to do a lot of web-surfing or email, just some-to-occasional. If I didn’t go with PP, my wife and I would use Verizon shared plan with 1GB shared, and I thought I’d probably get by fine. But 250 MB with no chance to share seems about 2x to 3x too small. The $55 unlimited PP plan puts me at the same price for two of us as the Verizon shared plan once their 18% discount is applied for my wife working at a University.
    Any suggestions on this? It’s frustrating that PP doesn’t have some sort of slightly better data plan.

    • Sue says:

      Bill, from what I understand, you can add a standard pin to a monthly account to cover overages. The overage rate is listed on the PP web site toward the bottom of the page for each plan. It’s 5 cents per MB for the plan you are looking at.

      You might want to compare that to http://www.talkforgood.com. They launched shortly after I wrote this and they support iPhones openly. You can add data to any of their plans at 6 cents per MB.

      • Bill says:

        Thanks Sue. talkforgood.com’s choices of 100 MB for $40 and 1GB for $70 per month don’t work – at 6 cents per MB, if I bumped the $40 plan by $30 to get to $70/mo, this still is only 600 MB. And the $70/mo plan for 2 of us is more expensive than Verizon.

        Bumping a $29.95/mo PP plan to get an additional 400 MB, i.e., 650 MB total, would cost $20 more per month. So for 2 of us that’s $100 per month – getting close to Verizon’s shared plan with an 18% discount. This looks marginal to me. Verizon definitely has it’s problems – lot of nickel-and-diming, 2 year contract; but they have some advantages in comparison – better customer service, easy to change from 1 GB or 2 GB shared.

        What I wish we’d see is PP having something in between the $30 and $55 per month plans that had sufficient data that one didn’t have to make it so inconvenient to have sufficient data. I don’t mind trying to use wi-fi at home and fairly often, but using it when one goes back and forth between wi-fi and cell (e.g., walking out of Starbuck’s while on the phone) will cause the call to drop. I’d like to see PP have a “non-crippling” plan for people who will be somewhat conscientious. It seems like they don’t. Any views on this? Is it possible for the “intheforest” group to team with others to get enough input to maybe influence any of these businesses? (probably not, but thought I’d ask 🙂 )

        • Sue says:

          Yeah, I agree PP needs some bigger data allowances or a more affordable data add-on. They recently upped them, though, so I don’t see them doing it again real soon. But why do you think leaving wifi (walking out of Starbucks) would drop your call? By the way, you can turn off just cell data and still receive phone calls. At least with the standard PIN way of paying for data overage, you only pay for what extra you actually use. In other words, you may not end up needing the full 400 MB extra… if you only end up using 100 over, it’s $5. With so many places offering wifi, for me, it’s pretty easy getting by without data.

  51. Bill says:

    My comment about wi-fi to cell switching, and reverse, comes from my experience with trying out Republic phones. Their business model is based on their customers using wi-fi as much as possible, and they work to get the best wi-fi access possible. With their phone and service, the problem of losing calls when changing access modes between wi-fi and cell connection is not solved yet. So if I get in the car and leave a Starbuck’s (or home, or any wi-fi spot) after I initiated a wi-fi call, I’ll lose my call when I get out of wi-fi range. In email with their tech support, they agreed this was a problem not solved yet, by them. So I guessed that this would probably be the case with other phones and carriers as well. Do you not have any problems with such call loss?

    Regarding just turning off the cell, if I have cell turned off and I leave a wi-fi zone, I’ll have no phone access. I want access when someone phones me, and also want to not have to worry about piling up data usage just because I’m leaving cell on but not doing any internet interaction with the phone.

    Your suggestion about paying by PIN is partly helpful. The problem is more that I was guesstimating that a typical not heavy data user such as I guessed I’d be would use less than 1 GB per month, but quite probably over 500 MB. So I used 650 MB as an estimate.

    BTW, thanks for your responses! I really find it helpful to have such technical discussion threads available!!

    • Sue says:

      What do you mean by “wifi call?” Skype or similar? I just make regular cellphone calls when I am out and about. Wifi is not required. The cell voice and text service is always available as long as I have a balance (standard plan / 10 cents a minute) so the only thing I’m keeping turned off is cellular data, though I can turn it on and use it if I really need it for some reason. Under a PP monthly plan, you would always have talk and text available (up to your plan’s limits) even with cellular data turned off. Make sense?

      • Bill says:

        Yes, that makes sense. I thought “cell off” turned all communication with cell towers off. Being able to just turn data off is a nice option I didn’t know about. And yes, wi-fi calls meant using a VOIP. They’re actually very good quality calls, just limited to being on wi-fi.

        With cell data off, will a GPS navigation program still work well? Will I still be able to get traffic updates, for example?

        So now that I understand this better, if I’m reasonably good about using wi-fi for data when I can, do you have any guesstimates how much data usage I might expect to use per month?

  52. Sue says:

    With cellular data off, you can use an offline GPS app, like TomTom, but you won’t get live traffic reports and such. If you do turn data on for the traffic, it would probably still save a lot of data by having the maps stored on your device.

    As to data usage guesstimates, it’s hard to say…. one of my sisters says she gets by fine on 300MB a month for her iPhone, but when my husband and I used our Jetpack hotspot at our rural Georgia property, we used 50-100MB per day. However, we were both checking email, posting/viewing pictures, web surfing, and using Facebook on a laptop and iPad. It really depends on how much you go out of wifi enabled places or if you travel a lot and want the convenience of GPS, web search and so on. If you Google for a data usage calculator, you can probably get a better idea based on what you expect to do.

    • Wendi says:

      We’ve have PP for about 18 months now (I have a Droid and my husband has a Blackberry.) We both have the $29.95/month plan (1200 minutes, 3000 texts, 100 MB of data) and have been very happy with it. I always use my 100 MB and add money to my account occasionally so that I have enough to make it to the end of the month. I use data to check email and FB when I’m not at home. I occasionally go to websites but I try to only do that when I’m on WiFi. It’s not a lot of data but we both had flip phones with no texting or data so it was a big improvement for us. 🙂

      Thanks for this great article (and subsequent comments)! I need to replace my Droid and have been looking into getting an iPhone to replace it. Not sure if I will but this has been a huge help!

  53. Jen says:

    Can I use my apple iPhone 3G on Page plus cellular?

    • Robert says:

      No. The 3G iPhones are GSM technology and use a SIM card only. They are not compatable with the CDMA technology that Page Plus uses.

      • Bill says:

        Jen, Did you mean 3G or 3S? If it’s an iphone 4 or 4S, which are both 3G phones, then yes if your iphone is set for the Verizon network (which is CDMA). If it’s set of AT&T, then no because that’s GSM. You can check what you have by looking in Settings -> About.

  54. kim says:

    Great article and comments..my situation is that Im trying this for my dad. He’s a VZ customer (his contract is up) and I just bought an Iphone 4 from ebay with a clean ESN…here are my questions;

    1. Sue’s original link to port a number in her article is not working anymore..does anyone have an up to date link ?

    2. Do I need to cancel his Verizon account, before coming onto the PP network ?

    • Bill says:

      HI Kim, If you phone Page Plus, they’ll port the phone number for you and set up an account under that number with an initial $2 in it. Don’t cancel Verizon until after that happens.
      After it does happen, you’ll find that Verizon is hard to get in touch with because you won’t have a phone number with them to enter into their phone menu. Just don’t enter one and work thru the menu to try and speak with a person. What they should do then is to cancel your account, prorate your bill to what you’ve used, and then bill you at your normal billing month-day for your balance.
      Then Presto, you’ll be on Page Plus with an account. At any point after your number is ported (takes ~3 hours after you phone them), you “activate” your iphone 4 with them by phoning them. Be sure to also take out a one month plan and pay for it.

  55. Kay says:

    March 13 I successfully ported my mom (iphone 4s), dad (droid), and my iphone 4 over to PP. There was no hassle, no questions. No problems at all. I used PagePlusCellular (their original website). Filled in the form with the information and everything was complete in about 6 minutes. They canceled our service and we were billed for my mom’s account (~$210). The webpage should work for everyone at this point. I think it’s easier now to switch over than in the past. And if the website doesn’t work for whatever reason, there are dealers on eBay or you can go to a local mobile store and have them take care of the porting for you.

    I appreciate this blog! I started my parents off on the unlimited talk/text/data. After monitoring their usage our 2nd month, I’m moving them to the $12 (250 mins, 250 text) and adding a $50 (1,000 mins) standard for any overages.

    Talk about savings!!! :-))))))

  56. Mark says:

    Hi Sue!

    If I’m currently on a Verizon family plan with my iPhone 4S do I need to wait until my contract ends and I cancel Verizon service before moving my phone to page plus?

    Or can I activate page plus on my phone while still in a contract with Verizon? Will my phone function normally if I do this and then cancel my Verizon service?


    • Sue says:

      Mark, I would just be guessing since I came from a Verizon prepaid plan, but I would think you would need to wait until you are out of contract if you don’t want to get hit with a penalty.

  57. Cassie says:

    I’ve read some of the older comments, and I’m assuming nothing has changed.. But just in case it somehow fortunately has…
    I have an unlocked AT&T iPhone 4. Will that not work on Page Plus? I think it will work on Straight Talk, but Straight Talk is more expensive and Verizon has the best signal in my area… I fear that I’ll never have signal again if I use it on Straight Talk…

  58. Jeremy says:

    I read the post and most of the comments. I want to join page plus. I plan to purchase 2 iphone 4 or 4s from craigslist, ebay, etc for my wife and I. I know I need verizon iphones. I need to buy a phone with a good esn, but the phone does not need to be unlocked or jailbroken???Is that entire statement correct?

  59. Karel says:

    This was a blog post that keeps on giving: I successfully upgraded from dumb to smart following your directions. Thank you so much!

  60. Kendall Dunkelberg says:

    Thanks a lot for your clear instructions! You helped us figure out how to buy an iPhone on ebay, and we got one we’re very happy with. You helped us figure out the whole porting-in process, too. Our experience was similar — we didn’t have the right account number and had to call Virgin Mobile to get it (dial 0 to talk to a real person), since they don’t list it anywhere in your account. I called PagePlus support, who told me I could sign up for an account before we got our phone activated. That allowed me to contact them by chat once I had the right account number. Saved me a second call. I wrote about the experience in more detail on my blog (and linked back here). http://kendalldunkelberg.wordpress.com/2013/08/23/more-fun-with-the-phone-company/

  61. steve says:

    did you port your number from your old phone? or the number that the prior owner of your iphone?

    • Karel says:

      I’m not Sue, Steve, but I ported my old number to the iPhone 4S (which I bought from eBay) when I registered with Page Plus. The original owner’s phone number doesn’t come with the phone. You can also get a new number.

    • Sue says:

      I ported the number from my old phone.

  62. Jean says:

    Hi Sue, Thank you for this informative post. I wanted to say I was able to activate an iPhone 4s today (Oct 3, 2013) onto PagePlus with no problems – and completely automated. I used the website to port my old phone number onto the iPhone. Based on the comments above, I called V first to confirm my account security code before I started the port on the PagePlus website. I waited about an hour, and then dialed *22890 and the phone activated! Thank you!!

  63. tracy says:

    Hi, I am looking into buying an iphone 4s (verizon) on ebay to use on PP. Does it matter if it has the new iOS 7 on it?

  64. roywalden55 says:

    I just called pageplus support and they said that iPhones cannot be activated on their service. Should I just go ahead and don’t tell them? I have an iPhone 4.

  65. art642 says:

    I just signed up through Pageplus’s website about a month ago with an iPhone 4s—I would recommend doing that so that you don’t have to talk to a real person. Follow the directions above very closely (especially for porting your number from your old carrier). I have talked to Pageplus customer service a couple of times since then and they were great and did not ask what type of phone I have.

  66. svakars says:

    Hi there. I am going to travel to Europe. I have iphone 4s with pageplus. My iphone sim locked for international use. Is anybody nows not expensive unlocking solution ? I am speaking about official unlock through Itunes.

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