My Quest for the Ultimate iPad Air Stand


iPad Air Case Options: Slim Pickin’s for Early Adopters

I wrote previously about my quest for the ideal iPad stand/case/grip, back when I had an iPad 3. Last year, I upgraded to an iPad Air and the search began again. I was an early adopter of the iPad Air and there were not a lot of case or stand options available when It came out. Nine months later, my quest has ended and I found an iPad Air stand, grip, and cover combination that I really love. This series of articles and reviews explains how I got there, or you can skip the saga and go right to the winner.

Table of Contents:

  1. Apple Smart Cover (this page)
  2. RooCase Origami Review
  3. ZeroChroma Solo Review
  4. Native Union Gripster Wrap Review
  5. LYNKtec 360 Grip Stand Review

Apple Smart Cover

Since I knew I would want some kind of cover for my new iPad Air on the day I received it, I went ahead and ordered the official Apple iPad Air Smart Cover along with my iPad. I was glad I did, too, because it is one slippery sucker with nothing at all on it! Apple’s Smart Cover comes in a glorious shade of red which is what I bought. I’ve used “knock off” smart covers for my other iPads before and I can attest that Apple’s cover does hold up better than the cheap knock-offs. It cleans up well and resists staining. That said, I’m still not sure it’s worth the high premium when you could get knock-offs for around $10.

The iPad Air Smart Cover has a new design compared to the Smart Cover for older iPads. Instead of a metal hinge, the new cover has no metal parts that can scratch the iPad. The magnet attachment is encased in the same material as the cover, and the hinge is now a fold. Instead of four folds, the smaller iPad Air cover has only three folds. Having only three folds, it’s not as secure as a stand, but I rarely use it as a stand.

I am still using my Smart Cover with the grip/stand solution I found for my iPad Air. It has held up very well for the nine months I’ve had it, and this new folding hinge style doesn’t fray the polyurethane along the edges of the metal hinge like the old style did.

My plan was to buy the Gripster that I loved so much with my iPad 3 as soon as it was available for the iPad Air. Expecting the same basic design as the Gripster I knew and loved, I figured I would still be able to use my red Smart Cover. But, you know what they say about the best laid plans. I’ll get back to that later…

Next up: RooCase Origami

Explore some iPad covers featuring my Dad’s art work.

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