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RooCase Origami: A Unique Folding Case/Stand Combo

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RooCase Origami Case Stand

Here you can see the RooCase Origami folded into a landscape orientation stand.

Most of the time, I like to use my iPad propped up, either on my lap, or a pillow, or a table. Propping up didn’t work too well with just the Apple Smart Cover. It only gives you two viewing angles–upright, for viewing, and flat, for typing. Also, it only acts as a stand in landscape orientation and it’s not very secure as a stand.

So about a week after receiving my iPad Air, I found the RooCase Origami on Amazon. At the time, it was the only stand/case combination I could find for the new iPad Air–and since it was only about $10 shipped at the time, I decided to give it a try. Since it was a full case, my Smart Cover was set aside for a while. RooCase was offered in several nice color options, so of course, I chose red. It is a nice, bright, pure red, similar to the Apple Smart Cover red.

RooCase Origami

RooCase Origami is a full-body iPad case and cover that folds into a stand for multiple positions.


The case portion is a soft-touch plastic which the iPad Air snaps into. All the openings were a perfect fit, and it offers good protection with substantial corner padding for potential drops. The attached cover has a flap-style hinge (no metal parts) and offers a couple more folding options compared to the Smart Cover, allowing to stand in portrait and landscape orientations. It’s also available in a version for the iPad mini retina.

Here’s what I liked and didn’t like about the RooCase Origami, and why I ultimately moved on from it:

I liked:

  • Magnetic on/off capabilities functioned well.
  • It is durable and protective.
  • Very inexpensive.
  • Many color options.
  • Could be used as a stand in one portrait position and three landscape positions.

I didn’t like:

  • The viewing angles were never quite right for me, and I often had to put something behind it to get the angle better.
  • It adds significant weight to the iPad Air.
  • The back case plastic material became stained from rubbing against other materials.
  • The inside of the cover often picked up dirt from folding it into the standing positions.
  • The red color was not carried through to the inside of the cover flap, which is gray.
  • The cover was permanently attached and could not be pulled off and set aside.
  • Could not be held comfortably with one hand for long periods when it was not possible to prop the iPad up.

Eventually I got tired of constantly having to fiddle with the viewing angle, and I went looking for other options. The Gripster for iPad Air was still “coming soon” but I thought the ZeroChroma Solo stand was worth a try.

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